If you’re looking for somebody to help come up with strategy, consult on branding, write trend reports, storyboard cutting-edge beauty campaigns, host panels or trend forecast you’re in the right place my friend.

With over a decade of experience on the UK’s biggest titles I have experience consulting for some serious players in the beauty and wellness industry including brands like Unilever, P&G, L’Oreal, YSL and more. Here’s just a sample of the ways I can help your company or brand grow – for a full list of the services I offer and a bespoke quote contact me.


Are you a brand, publication or business that needs help positioning or repositioning itself in a crowded market? If so, I can help you with my intensive brand mentoring program. If you’re not sure whether you need me, just see if this resonates for a second:

  • Do you spend far too much time obsessing over other brands?

  • Do you wish you’d come up with that genius product idea or campaign first?

  • Do you want to engage with influencers and press but you’re not sure which ones are quite right for you?

  • Do you love the tone of voice certain brands have and want that, but better, for your own brand?

  • Are you looking for art direction to build an incredibly beautiful brand that feels inclusive and diverse?

  • Are you struggling to be noticed in a hugely saturated market?

  • Do you want to engage an entirely new audience?

Finally, do you want to be a leader, not a follower in the beauty, wellness or lifestyle industry?

If you want to be the best you truly can be, I can help you.

My brand mentoring combines my ten plus years as being one of the UK’s most sought-after beauty journalists, who has worked on some of the biggest titles in the UK over the last decade (Marie Claire, Stylist, Women’s Health, The Guardian). I’ve led the way for inclusive, viral, talking-point beauty journalism and know the messaging that can truly captivate an audience. Being a millennial woman of colour, I bring a whole wealth of experience, opinions and much-needed inclusive viewpoints to the table to make sure your brand’s ethos is bulletproof. Here myempowered approach to helping your brand up to the next level:


I’ve created an intensive incubation system that works to help brands build and grow.We’ll have an initial 20-minute chat, agree a time frame for the project, dependant on your budget and a desired outcome. We’ll then go through the following options and more to see what you really need:

BRAND MESSAGING - I can help you with your words and tone by helping you create a tag-line, work on your packaging messaging and even creating a bespoke brand tone guide. If you need shareable, beautiful, well-researched, engaging content that is SEO rich and drives traffic towards your brand then I can do everything from managing website content entirely (commissioning it out and editing it) through to writing a column or providing editor-at-large assistance longer-term. 

SOCIAL MEDIA/ I can help with social media strategies to build an aesthetic, tone and vision.What platforms should you be on? What images should you pick? Longer emotional posts or short witty captions? Chic and curated or tongue-in-cheek? I can help you with designing an authentic strategy for this, as I have for other brands.  

PUBLICITY/ Need a press release? I can create the ultimate template for you to use in the future. Likewise, if you have a global dossier that needs to be reworked for the UK or other markets I can help (as long as they’re in English – my A-level French won’t help anyone sadly!) I also know which the best PR agencies and freelancers and so I can make some introductions if you need long term help.

DISASTER CONTROL/ Has something gone wrong? It happens – and it’s how you react to it that’s crucial. I can help you with that – creating a strategy for getting you back in track from managing social negativity through to using it to your advantage.

KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE/ I can help you identify and connect with your ideal consumer – who are they, what are they thinking? By the end of our session you’ll know everything there is to know about them.

ART DIRECTION AND VISUAL STRATEGY/ If you need an update on your existing visual strategy, I can do everything from feedback to storyboarding a campaign for you to create, through to shooting the whole thing with a little help from the best teams/artists/photographers in the business. From the classic to something more modern, my shoots are inclusive, eye-catching and forward-thinking – and I know the best photographers, make-up artists, and stylists in the business to suit every budget.

So, I’m asking again – do you want to be the best you can be?

This is personalised experience that’s unique to me – as such I tend to work on a project fee. Global clients are welcome, and I can and do serve most time zones. The ideal time-length is 3+months to really get things going and see a tangible change. Typically, clients prefer a 3-month mentoring experience which costs 12k. Following our conversation, I will create a bespoke proposal based on you and your business vision including phases of work, timings and investment, for you to review.

Contact me today for a free 20-minute chat about taking your brand to the next level.

Cost: on application


Is it just one specific thing you need help with? I work on a half day rate basis to help on one specific area including:

Crisis management– has somebody accused your brand of not being diverse enough, are you facing a sustainability accusation – has sh*t literally hit the fan? I can show you how to win over press, influencers and public opinion to restore faith in your brand.

Training your team to write– I’ve trained teams at some of the UK’s biggest PR agencies on how to find hooks, create incredible press releases and brand copy.Does your team need a little pep talk on how to create the perfect pitch, finding hooks that make sure your email gets opened or more generally about what journalists and influencers really want? I can help them nail that.

Got a great expert - but they need a little help becoming press-facing? I’ll have them serving up the kind of soundbites that make award-winning features. 

Wellness and wellbeing in the workplace– do you want somebody to talk to your team about how to look after their mental health and wellbeing in the workplace? I’ve got experiences to share, tonnes of practical help and host of contacts to help.

How to engage a millennial or diverse audience– if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to engage a diverse, millennial audience. I’ve been a pioneer in inclusivity in women’s magazines over the last decade – and I can help translate that to your board, team or brand.

 Cost: £750 for half a day in-house or skype. 


I come at this from experience. Bad experiences, actually. And I’ve seen how companies often handle mental health issues in the workplace both poorly d unprofessionally. I’ve spent over a decade in some of the most fast-paced, stressful and often toxic work environments and have seen it all. My advice? Don’t wait until it becomes litigious or somebody is signed off with stress – investing in the wellbeing of your workplace is crucial. Not only is it your responsibility – it also gives your company a marketing serious edge. It’s a win for everyone. 

 With this in mind, I can create a bespoke package for you to introduce a wellness system to your workplace which can include:

  • An introductory talk from me to your team about practical ways to safeguard their mental health in the workplace.

  • A series of talks from other experts in the field covering mental health, intuitive moment, meditation, conflict resolution and alternative therapies.

  • A wellness concierge service – I can help facilitate a short or long term program of vetted, high-quality wellness experts to visit your workplace to work with your teams. Reiki over lunch? Sure. Friday afternoon meditation to help clear the week’s stresses away? Sign me up. Whatever it is you’re looking for, I have the best little black book of wellness experts out there. 


Cost: on application – please contact me to discuss your needs


If you just need some help, an opinion or some ideas about a brand, strategy or the beauty, health and lifestyle market then drop me a line to chat more.

COST: £250 for 1 hour (minimum)


Let’s chat about what you need, and the message you’re looking to send to the world. I’ve written biographies for some of the world’s biggest musicians, make-up artists and more. If it’s a press release, global dossier or trend report you need - I can create something that fulfils your brief, and exceeds expectations.

COST: on application