Always lurking in the BBC corridors…

Always lurking in the BBC corridors…


I might be the woman you need. If you have a panel you want curated, a discussion chaired or you’re looking for a dynamic speaker to work with your brand - drop me a line. Whether it’s five people in a boardroom or 500 people at a festival, I’ve got over a decade’s worth of experience on stage at some of the UK’s biggest cultural events like Women Of The World (WOW) festival and Stylist Live. I’ve spoken on BBC’s Woman’s Hour and ITV’s This Morning. I’ve created opinion-based content for everyone from Soho House, to Dove to YSL. Below are some of my specialist topics, but I can turn my hand to plenty of subject areas, so get in touch below for a chat and my rates.

As a multi-award winning beauty director who has made her name for risk taking and challenging journalism, I know the good, the bad and the ugly side of the beauty industry inside out. If you need advice, a viewpoint, or to talk about any cultural zeitgeist I’m here - I’m also bog on sustainable beauty, trends, and cultural movements.

As an intersectional feminist who studied philosophy, feminism and black political thought at university, talking about feminism in all its forms is one of my favourite topics - and one of the things I write about the most. From a beauty, style or race perspective, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve made my name as a journalist by speaking out against the industry status quo in this area and I’ve got plenty to say on the topic too. I can talk about multiple areas of inclusivity because I’m a constant activist in this area with great contacts if you need ideas for a brilliant panel.

I’ve had a fair few struggles with mental health, stress, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. If you need somebody to talk about these things with insight, knowledge and sensitivity, let me know. I’m also a big advocate (and consultant) for workplace mental health and clued up on that too.

From past-life regression to witchcraft and Ayurveda, I’m fully immersed in the world of wellness. As the former Health editor of Women’s Health I’m also an expert on this from an industry perspective. Seriously nothing is too woo woo for me.

I started Marie Claire’s plus size column, was the first person to shoot Tess Holliday for a fashion magazine and regularly post about plus size fashion myself as a plus size woman. If you need me to talk about this from an industry perspective I’m available and passionate about change.

Getting your first break? Want to know what it’s like to work on women’s magazines? How do I write an award-winning feature? I can answer all of that for you if you need me to.

As a sideline, I also write about music and have written for NME, Kerrang!, Rock Sound and The Guardian - I specialise in rock, punk, metal, goth and rockabilly.